Harewood Western Port – Stardust to Us

One place, all of time. From the ‘big bang’ and the explosion of the supernova that created our solar system and elements of life, Harewood is a kaleidoscope reflecting ever changing patterns of ‘big history’. A true, engaging, epic filled with twists, turns, subplots
and unexpected outcomes, Stardust to Us spurs memory and imagination as it tells the stories of Yamerboke, Tolumn, Dockin’ and the Lyall family and relates how indigenous and exotic plants, animals and people came to arrive at Western Port and left surprising legacies as they wove their genomes, culture and essence into Australian life.

(Now out of print but you can find a low resolution copy here Harewood_Book_20161025_lr

ISBN: 9780995351509
Trim: 254mm x 203mm
Weight of book: 700 grams
Category: Local History/Western Port Region
Email: patvet@bigpond.com                     Phone: 0417 125373

About the Author
pat-with-tickle-low-resDr Pat Macwhirter came to Australia from the USA as a child in the 1960s. She is a veterinarian and was Victoria’s first registered specialist in pet bird medicine. Acquiring Harewood with her family in 1991 she became engrossed in ‘big history’ (as it is now being called) as she unpacked the contents of this extraordinary heritage property. A PhD and now this book has been the result. Pat’s writing uniquely combines stellar, earth, animal and human evolution on a broad scale and draws it seamlessly into social history with signposts for the future. Having fun with history at Harewood is a passion and so to is the need to develop and maintain natural habitat for wildlife corridors. She has a grown up son and daughter and a little granddaughter, Heidi.

Book Launch 13 Nov 2016 – Gallery

Thank you, Sandi Steward, for your beautiful book cover, Sylvie Blair at Book Pod for the lovely design, Mary Cole, Jim Mynard and Ron Ingram for doing talks at the launch and for EVERYONE for finally enabling this project to come to fruition.